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Couples and Individuals

Learn to speak the
language of connecting

Imago Relationship therapy will help you and your partner create deeper levels of understanding and love for each other. Doing this work brings and sense of joy and aliveness to your relationship.

Learn how to be more You, more alive, and feel more at home in your relationship than you’ve ever felt before. Or learn what's keeping you from creating the relationship of your dreams.

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Couples Group

Tune-up your relationship on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Share an exercise exclusively with your partner in your own break-out room.  Be with other couples and learn something new each month that will help keep your relationship in tune.

Registration required. 

$75 per session 

Space is limited


Transform in two days

It is said that these workshops equates to six months of therapy. These retreats are a valuable experience for every person. If you are struggling with relationship problems, the Getting the Love You Want couples workshop will provide a quick way to reduce the pain and create a path to restore connection and love. If you have just met your partner, Start Right Stay Connected will help you make the most out of your life together.

If you have struggled in relationship, Keeping the Love You Find will help you understand what's going on. If you are interested in knowing more about your own behaviors in relationship, Keeping the Love You Find is a wonderful advanced course for couples as well as for individuals, single or in relationship.

All workshops are inclusive.

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Heal your past.
Get on with your future

There are many reasons that trauma hurts us. One thing you may not know is that trauma physically changes our brains. When you experience a traumatic event, your mind changes. Areas of your brain that once worked in a particular way change based on hyperarousal due to trauma.

Lori and Sean have specialized training in the following trauma modalities:

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.)



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