evolve therapy


Individual sessions can help you learn what is holding you back from creating the relationships you want. Often we are unconscious of the barriers we create with others and discovering where they come from can help to cognitively change behaviors and release them.

Anxiety, depression and an array of stressors can contribute to your life feeling out of balance. Therapy can support your self-awareness, encouraging self-exploration, help identify boundaries, enhance communication skills and improve the use of healthy coping skills.

We also help you with your spiritual and physical wellness. Therapy allows you to seek meaning and purpose in human existence, with insights to help you to appreciate your life experiences for what they are. Nutrition plays a crucial role in your well being. What you eat directly affects the structure and function of your brain and, ultimately, your mood. We are not nutritionists, however we are up to date on the latest research and can help you understand how food and movement may be affecting your life.

Psychotherapy helps you understand that you can do something to improve your situation. That leads to changes that enhance healthy behavior, whether it's improving relationships, expressing emotions better, doing better at work or school, or thinking more positively.

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Imago's impact

Alanis and Oprah discuss the impact Imago has had in their lives.