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Frequently Asked Questions

Couples and Individual Therapy

What will we experience in couples therapy?

We strive to provide a safe, unbiased environment to work with you and your partner(s) on identifying specific behaviors that interfere in your relationship, preventing you from getting the love you want.

Using Imago tools, we help remove the blame, shame and criticism common in negative relationship patterns and transform your relationship into one full of understanding and deep connection. We teach you to understand your relationship triggers and reactive behaviors that may stem from unmet needs and how to respond to your partner in a healthy way that benefits you both.

Working with all types of relationships in various stages, our focus is to help you achieve a relationship based in mature love where each partner feels heard, understood and loved.

How long are couples sessions?

We ask couples to make 90 minute appointments.  It offers enough time for everyone to talk.  Of course, 120 minute and 60 minute appointments are available as well.

Intensives of more than 2 hours are available by special request.  If you are traveling and would like a weekend intensive with either Sean or Lori or both of us together, we welcome you.  Email with your inquiry to determine details.

What can I expect from individual therapy?

You'll experience a safe and private environment to explore what's getting in the way of having healthy relationships and living the life you truly want. We will work with you to understand the patterns in your past and current relationships to identify areas of growth and healing, and help you envision and create a life where successful relationships can thrive.

Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma or more we can help you understand what's going on underneath the surface and work toward a healthier future.

How long are individual sessions?

The length of sessions vary with each individual's needs but generally speaking, 60 minute appointments.

We also offer 30, 120, and 180 minute appointments for your choice.

We are happy to do 15 minute phone or zoom sessions as well if you have a specific need on which you want to touch base.

Who should attend?

People beginning their committed relationship who want to avoid future problems.

People in a committed relationship who wish to deepen their connection.

People struggling in a relationship who wish to resolve current and past conflicts.

People ambivalent about the state of their marriage and want one last effort to save their relationship.

What will we experience?

Our workshops are intensive experiences that help partners rediscover the joy of being together while using their relationship for personal change and growth. You will learn powerful skills that can radically transform your relationship.

We all know that when we fall in love, it's an amazing experience! The world is a wonderful place and we are fully alive and connected. But all too often these magical feelings deteriorate into frustration and conflict. Before we know it we are in a relationship of diminished passion and connection, or even worse, we are in a relationship full of pain.

Imago Relationships is a proven therapy program that restores energetic connection, passion and hope. The practical take-home tools of Imago are like a treasure often providing immediate relief for the struggling relationship. Or, helping those who just want to deepen an already good relationship.

What is the format?

  • Move away from blame, shame and criticism toward curiosity

  • Share your frustrations in ways that don't hurt your partner(s)

  • Build trust and safety in your relationship

  • Successfully communicate your desires and requests

  • Renew the passion, pleasure and intimacy of your relationship

What will we learn?

  1. Short lectures to help you understand the journey that has brought you to this point in your life and how your past helps determine the life-partner you chose and the kinds of problems you eventually (and inevitably) encounter in that relationship.

  2. With our guidance, you'll go inside yourself and gather information from your earlier years.

  3. You'll work in your Imago workbook, helping you put into action the information you've gathered and synthesize old material into new learning.

  4. Learning the Imago Dialogue in a group setting, an amazingly powerful tool to help you safely communicate with your partner in a manner that will guarantee you both feel heard, respected and understood.

  5. Practicing these new skills with your partner in private break-out areas where your facilitators guide you through any difficulty.

Is there more?

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