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Immersing yourself and your relationship in a focused safe experience can transform your relationship.

Getting the Love You Want™

Workshop for Couples

A transformative journey in a safe environment that guides couples to create satisfying and long-lasting relationships using practical tools and strategies.  You'll explore how to:

  • Break destructive patterns of communicating

  • Renew the passion and pleasure in your relationship

  • Discover the root of your conflict and learn new conflict resolution strategies

  • Experience individual reflection through written exercises and guided imagery

  • Acheive a common vision of your dream relationship

  • Recapture the love, laughter and joy with enhanced closeness

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Keeping the Love You Find™

Workshop for Individuals

A workshop focused on healing and growth for individuals whether single, married, divorced, widowed or in a committed relationship.  This workshop provides an opportunity for self-exploration and uncovering negative patterns to help develop healthier and more successful relationships.  You'll explore how to:

  • Break free from old patterns that may have sabotaged your relationship success

  • Transform past relationship experiences into positive growth opportunities

  • Examine what it's like for others to be in relationship with you

  • Create new awareness of what to look for in a partner

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Start Right, Stay Connected

Workshop for Beginning Relationships

A relationship workshop for pre-marital preparation, newly married or couples committing to a long term relationship.  This workshop explores the basics of healthy relationships, effective communication, conflict resolution with a focus on:

  • Fidelity in relationships

  • Parenting Styles

  • Relationship hot buttons

  • Nurturing and growing your relationship

  • Finances and money management

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