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Office hours:
Mondays and Fridays 12:00pm - 6:30pm    Tuesdays and Thursdays: 11:00am - 6:30pm
Saturdays: by special arrangement

Email to request a time if you don't see it available on the scheduler. 

Special time requests entertained for couples including weekend and early morning appointments.

Appointments are $120 a therapeutic hour.

Individual appointments:
  • 15 minute phone coaching - $35
  • 30 minutes - $60
  • 50 minutes- $120
Couples appointments:
  • 50 minutes - $120
  • 80 minutes - $180 (all couples are asked to make 90 minute appointments.  This much time really allows for everyone to have an opportunity to talk.)
Couples Intensives (three to eight hour sessions) are available at $120 per hour.
A note about insurance:
I don't like the way insurance companies treat you or how they treat me so I am not paneled with any insurance company.  Call your company to find out what they reimburse for out-of-network therapy.  I will electronically provide your with the proper completed paperwork for yourreimbursement. Many clients get up to 85% reimbursement. 
Appointments must be cancelled within 48 hours or you will be charged $50 for the session. Of course, I am reasonable and will make every effort to work you in during the week so that the cancellation fee does not apply. Call the office for cancellations: 317-791-2211. No-show appointments will be charged full fee. Refunds and Returns will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Services rendered will be charged at full-fee and once rendered, will not be available for refund or return.
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