Lori Karch, LCSW

Advanced Certified Imago Relationship Therapist



7216 Madison Ave, Suite R, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Licensed Clinical Social Worker State of Indiana
License Number: 34005498A

Would you like to transform your relationship in just two days?  Find out more.

Would you like to transform your
relationship in
 just 2 days?
find out more...

Are You Struggling in Relationship?

Couples Therapy Can Help.

  • Do you want something you don't have and you think you can get it?

  • Do you find yourself constantly criticizing your partner  and pushing them away while longing for them to be closer to you?

  • Are you in constant conflict with your partner, arguing over the same old things and never resolving your problems once and for all?

  • Has your relationship shifted since you first started dating?  Has it lost it's pizazz?

  • Do you feel like you compromise to the point of giving up your Self in order to keep peace in the relationship?

Whether you are married, life-partners, dating, or single, love does not have to be emotionally painful. 

You are not alone. 

Keep reading.

What we don't learn in the fairy tales is that "Happily Ever After" lasts about six months to two years and then relationships shift into what Imago calls a Power Struggle.  Relationships are supposed to do this.  But not so that living in the relationship becomes a nightmare.  You can have the relationship of your dreams (it is really possible) with a few siimple changes to the way you are doing things now.  And, you can obtain "Happily Ever After" by creating long-lasting, deep, true love.

Learn how to be more You, more alive, and feel more at home in your relationship than you've ever felt before.  And, your partner will be excited about who you are, what you are about and understand you better than ever before.

For a quick start to healing your relationship, consider taking the 2 day Couples Workshop.

You can break free from old relationship patterns deeply embedded since childhood and create the loving, healthy, harmonious relationship that you've always longed for and have:

  • Trust and security that comes from deeply committed relationships.
  • Passion and joy with someone who makes your heart jump.
  • Deep connection, comfort, and ease with someone who loves you just the way you are.
  • Renewed energy to take on your life's purpose, secure in knowing your relationship works.

With Lori's experience and passion for relationship work along with your commitment and desire, together we can identify what is blocking you from having the loving relationship of your dreams.  In working with Lori, you will benefit by:

  • Learning to choose the right person.
  • Staying close and connected to someone without losing yourself.
  • Repairing and deepening trust in your self, your partner, and love.
  • Making painful and annoying frustrations the very thing that brings you and your partner closer together and strengthens your love.
  • Building resiliency in your relationship so you can work through anything...even if life throws you a curve ball.

Receive a free copy of my three steps to a happier relationship:

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